Slow Carb: Week 1

I finished week one of Slow Carbing, and I have to say I am quite happy. Before my cheat day I dropped from 228 to 222.2. Not sure what to expect by loading up on veggies, meat, and beans (so many beans), I have to say that it is not the most “fun” diet, but it does seem effective. Granted it is way too early to completely judge SCD, but I’m still very happy with what has occurred so far.

Here is a graph of how my weight changed from 1/25 to 2/2: Week 1 SCI am aware that the current trend in weight loss will not always continue, but so far so good! Sticking to the plan is fairly easy because of the allure of cheat day at the end of the week. The middle of the week is definitely the most challenging when it comes to cravings, but the promise of cheat day is quite motivating. Now, there were no pictures uploaded from my cheat day because I simply wanted to enjoy the food. After a week of eating salads, chicken, eggs, beans, mixed veggies, with no dressing, sauces, sugar, white carbs, etc. I enjoyed the following:

  • Breakfast: Orange Juice and Eggs
  • Lunch: barbeque from a local BBQ joint (Poke-E-Joes) and a sweet tea
  • Dinner: Pizza

That sounds like a horrible way to lose weight! Drinking a lot of water on cheat day helped prevent me from going completely nuts, but still losing about 5 pounds the first week is not bad for having BBQ and pizza. The day after cheat day however was not a pleasant one, with an upset stomach plaguing me for the vast majority of the day. Sunday, I ate fairly light compared to my previous slow carb days. This was a great start to this weight loss journey, and it was a great confidence booster, and I really feel like I can do this! To make my cheat day more effective and to minimize the release of insulin I am planning on using the tips from this sheet this upcoming Saturday, especially the grapefruit juice and muscle contractions.

Overall, I am quite pleased and ready for this week!


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