Slow Carb – Week 2

Well, this post is a bit late, but that is okay! Right? I would say that this week went really well! After my cheat day last week I went back up to 223.4 lbs, but ended the week at 215 lbs. That brought my total weight loss to 12 lbs!  Here is a chart of my progress.


Something I have noticed is that my appetite had declined. The first week, I would make myself huge salads that currently would take me two sittings to finish. Adjusting to a shrinking stomach is encouraging, but slightly frustrating when I am preparing food.

A key component of the slow carb diet is eating the same basic foods over and over again, which I thought would be extremely boring and one of the most difficult aspects of this diet, and I was not wrong. It is definitely a challenge. However, eating a few basic foods takes the guess-work out of preparing breakfast foods especially, so no more grabbing fast food on the way to work. A breakfast tip that Ferriss has is to eat 30g of protein within the first 30 minutes of being awake, and that not something I have down yet. Jumping out of bed and running down to quickly make some eggs and lentils is not yet programmed habit. Recently getting my 30g of protein has been happening within the first hour, but definitely not the first 30 minutes. Hopefully, this week I’ll be able to get that 30 in 30 back!

Cheat day was a bit crazy this week. I went a little too far in eating what I wanted and felt sick all of Sunday.Here is a breakdown of that day:

  • Breakfast: eggs and lentils
  • Snack: Donut and milk
  • Lunch: 6″ turkey sandwich w/ mayo and mustard with soda
  • Dinner: Teryaki Chicken with fried rice, yum-yum sauce, and zucchini

For future weeks I will definitely get that weekly calorie spike, but maybe not quite as cheap Teryaki take-out kind of calorie spike. Overall, I would say I am very happy with my results! My clothes are fitting better, people can tell I’ve dropped a little weight, and I feel so much better!


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