Slow Carb – Week 3

The overall feeling for the week was discouragement. After my week 1 cheat day I went up a pound and one half, but to begin this week I shot up almost three and a half pounds! Gaining that mount of weight after one day was a blow to my excitement over eating beans, veggies, and sometimes meat for every meal. By Saturday I dropped back down to 217, which was a pound and a half lower than the beginning of the week but still higher than my second week low. I was very tempted to throw in the towel, but thanks to my very supportive fiancee and roommates who would love to point out my lack of commitment I pressed on. I knew that a week like this was coming, and I am  still down from my original weight and losing it faster than my goal of 2 pounds a week!


Another issue that cropped up last week was the stove at my house broke, which added fuel to the fast food desire fire. I was able to get it working after a few days

The food journal will be regularly updated again, but due to the discouragement merely eating the beans, frozen veggies, and chicken took the dedication I had reserved for snapping photos. I am looking forward to Week Four’s results. I am still very impressed with Slow-Carb and have much more energy than when I ventured into the Paleo-sphere.


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